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Friday, October 24, 2014,6:56 AM

The Ascendant (Rising Sign) #astrology

Most people know the Zodiac Sign under which they were born, in other words, the Zodiac Sign where the Sun was at the time of their birth. However, the most important individual fact for a person is the Ascendant Sign.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014,4:55 AM
Free I-CHING Reading

Welcome to the virtual version of the I-Ching or Oracle of Changes . The more important thing, is that we must take their answers seriously , trying to think of every word, even though in principle they may seem rare or little related to our query. If we want to consult the oracle about work problems, it would be a mistake to ask: " Should I do this or that? "; It is convenient to split the question in two : " Is it okay to do this ? " and then : " Is it okay to do that? " and confront both responses. Following, Throw the coins six times. Remember to focus on what you want to know before throwing them

Free I-CHING Reading

Monday, October 20, 2014,9:34 AM
Tarot Spread The Hidden Truth

This Tarot spread gives you an idea of your own attitude and hidden feelings, you can use this spread when you have problems or fear to confront any situation. Sometimes we hide things from ourselves.

We all have or have had inside us unresolved feelings even though sometimes we are not aware of them.

Inconveniences, difficulties and complications that sometimes are at plain sight and our subconscious refuse to see.

For instance, hidden feelings of pain turn into anger and with the time we turn them against ourselves and become depression, anxiety, sudden moody changes, blames, over reactions, hyper sensibility, find the negative side in positive situations or to feel powerless and self destructive.

The solution could be simple, perhaps by just taking a detour from our path that is trapped by our routines, but sadly we can't see it, because we have been watching the floor in anguish and don't look forward to find out what's ahead of us.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014,2:53 PM
The Hermit #tarotcard This arcane represents the search for inner realization and the reunion with light. He is so happy with the spiritual richness of the spiritual world, that the material universe, concrete and tangible, seems colorless and meaningless. This energy does not follow the human mass or support frivolity and superficiality of people in general; that's why he doesn't pay any attention, nor understanding to those who surround him. The goal of this trip is to learn to listen to the inner voice,discover the internal guide and get used to his own source of healing. The Hermit is the top representation of loneliness and wisdom, material austerity, philosophical thought of nature and of the fervent defender of the week ones, those who lack everything, oppressed and discriminated. Prudent counselor with an ecclesiastic vocation that feels guided by a superior force that forbids him from world meanness.

Thursday, October 9, 2014,1:04 PM
The Moon card
The Moon Tarotcard This arcane symbolizes the process of sinking down into the deepest cloudy spots of the soul. Its a period of final tests that often becomes difficult. In the darkness hides the great danger of losing the real objective. Illusory perceptions and temptress seductions are lying and waiting trying to deflect the person who wants to progress. It represents the subconscious kingdom of ever changing femininity, humid, suspicious, seducer, incredible and magnetically attractive. When we penetrate this passage a new life is created; the road to consciousness make us face the threatening and unknown. The person who decides to cross the threshold toward the unknown must exhibit invincible courage and must be able to realize preparatory exercises. Happy are those who find a teacher whom they can trust. Even mistakes and the wrongful path can lead us to progress if we listen to the voice of our heart.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014,10:50 AM
The Star ‎Tarot card‬
The Star ‪#‎Tarotcard‬ This arcane represents destiny, a moment of truth, where you get that you deserve if you are able to defend it. Symbolizes Light, to know what to do. It is the opportunity you have to be happy in this existence. This card shows the process of reception of higher cosmic inspirations and the appearance of impulses that generate ideas in the material lore. What in the past was just a vague impression, now takes form, crystallizing in a mission, as consequence of a totally lucid vision. The person that is guided by this knowledge exhibits the existential quality, the inherent aura in himself that attracts others magnetically. Egotism and anxiety can be abandoned because the strength of spiritual transformation reveals the lack of sense of our personality masks and the limitations of every insignificant individual.


Thursday, October 2, 2014,5:55 AM
The Judgment Tarot Card

This arcane represents clarity of ideas and the moment of truth related to karma.
Symbolizes justice of the gods that speak with men and who give them the place they deserve. Everything will be known and raise to light, good and bad, nothing can be hidden anymore. It's the right position to see things in their wholeness and a clear perception is the basis for the critical global judgment. Criticism stated here can be transmitted in a way that won't judge persons, but motivate and
inspire them. Judgments that come from true understanding are constructive and free of dogmatism, even though generally is necessary a long and difficult process before reaching said judgment. The global understanding cannot be reached only through analytic understanding; the body, as well as the mind and the soul have
the right to be considered; if all these factors are included in the process, the individual will gravitate instinctively towards what is healthier and will keep away from the inopportune.