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Saturday, June 4, 2016,2:01 PM
Weekly Horoscope from June 5th to June 11th
Days 9th and 10th of this week the Moon will be in Leo, the Arians will be rejoicing in all the fields during these days and important decisions could come. The rest of the week you should be very careful when you speak because you will be with lack of filter due to the Moon will be in Gemini. This may generate serious problems with close people.
Work The work for Arians will be with many movements, pay attention to outflows of money that can be the cause of restlessness. In the middle of the week, you will receive a very persuasive offer that make you rethink many situations.
Love You will receive news about a person who you havenĊ½t seen for a long time, you will feel that something good is coming and indeed it will. Do not rush to try to formalize something that has simply started as a friendly reunion, it is rather time to let events flow slowly.
Health At the beginning of the week you can suffer skin problems, there may be allergies, rashes, etc. This won't allow the Arians to function as freely as they normally do. At the end of this period the situation will change satisfactorily, however it is always advisable to visit the doctor.

During these days Mercury will be in Taurus and the Moon in Gemini beginning the week along with the Sun, you could have situations of dialogue. This will bring relief to your soul. You will be recognized for your professional skills in a particular aspect of your current job.
Work The labor field will be filled with opportunities but be careful and pay attention before taking any decision, you have to review if these opportunities are really advantageous because if you take any of those it will mean a major change in the work.
Love The decisions made this week will be productive in the loving field, if you have enough patience to withstand certain situations you will have a great reward.
Health The health will be somewhat weak during this period, although the Taureans are strong and they will tolerate well these discomforts, it will probably be a viral infection. Remember that you need to take care of your body with a good nutrition and healthy behaviors. Many headaches this week.

The start of the week will be perfect for Gemini with the Sun, the Moon and Venus in the same week. Ideal to design, create, define, buy and sell. Excellent days to start any desired project in any aspect of your life without overdoing what you cannot handle.
Work Very good week at professional level, it will be a period that you will show off your professional talent in general terms, with coworkers, bosses, partners and / or customers. Very good economic rewards for work well done.
Love Good days to share with your family and friends without exceeding consuming drinks and meals, great loving environment is created throughout this week in which everything is permitted for Geminins. Start of a loving and creative stage with necessary changes.
Health These days you will be prone to viral diseases that do not remain too long in the body. As always it is advisable to visit the doctor if necessary and try to eat food with the greatest possible amount of vitamins.

Week quite favorable for Cancer mainly June 7th and 8th when the Moon will be visiting this sign. Moreover, the rest of the week is positive in terms of family and financial communication, favorable moment to make decisions regarding these two issues.
Work Very good for labor, professional and economic fields, appear unexpected offers that let you full of doubts, it is a very good time to decide easy due to the Moon is growing a few days in your sign and good proposals can lead out in a short time.
Love A very productive week about love matters, meetings and it will arise the need to strengthen the couple. It will come a very romantic stage where you will reach stability. Very romantic moments are upcoming.
Health In these days your health will be little weakened especially in the respiratory system, you will suffer somewhat discomforts, leaving the evidence that you should better deal with your body. Everything will be improving during the weekend.

In the beginning of the week the Moon will in Gemini is very positive for Leos, emphasizing June 9th and 10th with the Moon in your sign. There will be closed roads that open what seemed that will never occur, very productive dialogue with interesting people in your lives will produce fulfilment.
Work This week appear a new activity for you, the opportunity to grow professionally and in the work without neglecting the economic side. Seize the Moon in its growth phase for better results in the economy.
Love In the loving ground a little uncertain appears with the couple. Situations demanding time and patience you will have. Do not take hurried decisions but rather let the circumstances flow naturally.
Health Leos will suffer small ailments this week, without creating situations that affect your activities, especially in the skeletal system may appear or continue minor annoyances.

The week begins with the New Moon in Gemini and later still it is growing stage in the same sign, which indicates that there will be for Virginians two very useful days to close transactions of commercial type, purchase and sale of real state and/or furniture and getting the best price. The rest of the week will be quite active and especially the day 11th will very favorable with the Moon in your sign.
Work Good news on the economic and professional level for Virginians these days. This week you can enjoy extra money for some extra and not too heavy work to be carried out. It is good to treat yourself once in a while and not only save.
Love These days love relationships become more secure and stable, it is an ideal period to begin forming a couple with sincere commitment. Do not fear that communication will be on your side.
Health You will feel far better than last week, you can enjoy free outdoor exercises without muscle or bone complications. In addition, you will need to keep an eye on your diet.

Week very positive for the Librans with the Moon in Gemini, they will be trying to find, in an endless search, the resolution of some issues related to close relationships. These days will be great to get somewhere around this situation. The communicative aspect is favorable for Librans.
Work there will arise new possibilities of having different activities around labor, but beware, it is not desirable to have more than one job at the same time as the performance in the coming weeks may be less. Sometimes subtract is to be added although it seems otherwise.
Love In the loving field the Librans will be rejoicing, healthy attachment and latent possession in the couple. Possibilities to formalize a relationship for a long time and it will begin to take shape of a harmonious family.
Health Health will show with some ups and downs during this week, it can appear muscle pains that can be soothed with rest and patience. Too much training may be one of the factors that attack this part of the body.

this Week will be quite favorable for Scorpios, the Moon in Gemini on the first day makes it very good for them to communicate in affective level. On June 7th and 8th you will have the Moon in Cancer which makes it a very productive week at the family level more than anything to Scorpios.
Work At work level it will come a new proposal, it will be an excellent offer impossible to refuse. However, it will be better to take your decision after June 8th when the Moon position will be absolutely favorable.
Love Great period for making changes at sentimental level, you need to reach urgently the emotional stability, to start or to finish a relationship will be the most productive choice to reach. Harmony in a couple is as important as love itself.
Health These days are very convenient to start having a dietary change, liquid treatments are very effective combined with a healthier diet and exercise, all this will be positive for you this week.

Excellent start of the week with the Moon in Gemini for Sagittarians. Opportunities for economic and professional growth, positive closure of contracts and everything related to purchases and sales is favorable because the aspectacion, especially the position of the Moon and Jupiter.
Work A lot of activity in the workplace, it is not convenient to have so many activities at the same time but it is convenient to evaluate offers and to focus gradually in each one trying to get the most, this week is ideal for this.
Love Days auspicious to get very good results with the couple, you will be open to dialogue. Appear some quarrels that will be solved being able to communicate openly with your partner.
Health At the end of the week the days will be stressful, it is advisable to increase your physical activities as your work will be more quiet, take short walks, outings with friends or unaccompanied. To exercise different parts of the body becomes essential during this week.

Not so favorable week for Capricorns, the Moon begins in Gemini, the communication sign, and Capricorns will not be with much encouragement to explore dialogues with more people than themselves. The weekend is a little more promising and the mood of Capricorn advances positively facing unresolved talks in detail.
Work These days you can feel a bit tedious at work because Capricorns will not always be the best humor, you can feel the jokes from peers heavy and pointless. It would be good to overlook these situations and get away from your colleagues to recover your mood and not to affect your work.
Love Despite the next days will be a bit problematic, this week is ideal to stay close to the couple and to do things together. Rides, walks, short trips, your partner will be the only one who can understand your need of stillness and company.
Health Days with pains in the upper and lower back and you will suffer somewhat headaches due to the aforementioned back pain. You need to try to remove muscle tension as much as possible, in a natural way.

During this week you will be a little overwhelmed by some specific communication situations, with the Moon in Gemini and the Sun also in the same sign, Aquarius will feel some overall burden. You will feel somewhat uncomfortable among so much communication that will begin to emerge out from nowhere. Ending the week everything will settle into place.
Work An uncertainty situation in the labor area becomes part of the past, you will have the certainty you need to develop your intellect at the professional level and prove yourself that everything can be calm. Good week to start slight changes.
Love These days are very propitious for dialogue with your partner. Aquarians who do not have partner will be able to start a new relationship full of charm, stability and maturity. Try not to feel that people are invading your territory when they try to approach to you, your sensitivity will be very high during this period. Be alert!
Health Health does not escape from the discomforts of the week, it will be noticeable ailments in part of the mouth, throat and vocal cords. Some inconvenience will be caused by your neglect in health care but should not be more than a few nuisances. Pay more attention to your health.

One week relatively auspicious, the Moon in Gemini at the beginning of these days generates a special feeling of desire of dialogue with close friends and with not so close people. Days June 7th and 8th will be satisfactory to activate your special intuition about long-term love relationships because of the Moon in Cancer.
Work In the labor field there will appear an offer that you should think long before deciding to answer yes or no. This is a change at work level with alternative projects to those you are performing today. This will produce a stressful situation, but on the other hand this will produce more stimulating gains at the same time.
Love On the emotional level, you need to seek dialogue with the couple since these days will be very good ones to do that, you could reach very good agreements by being openhanded both in the couple. Productive time but not for making long outings.
Health Week with some problems in your skin health, skin allergies, minor infections, etc. Some neglect will result in this dermatologic situation; Pisceans should take more care of your body paying more attention to it.

  Tarot Tarot-Live
Monday, May 30, 2016,3:10 PM
Weekly Horoscope from May 29th to June 04th

This week will begin with The Moon in the sign of Pisces, June 1st and 2nd will have the Moon in your sign which will give you a great hope to create what you want. Excellent for artists in general and people working with their creativity. The rest of the week will be without much movement.  

Work During this period those who don't have a job will receive a very well paid but not stable offer. For those who are working, this will be a very active week around the job but not very exhausting.  

Love Very productive week in love, the days in which the Moon is in your sign (June 1st and 2nd) will be ideal to think about larger the family, the creation of new life will be available so that they can generate more positive energy inside the home.  

Health These days the health will be in a very quiet way, just you can feel a little overwhelmed trying to close some situations what can make you feel a bit of pain in the head, neck and shoulders.


The waning Moon in Taurus June third and fourth will fix a tendency to create smart movements with excellent results in the future. In these days you can plan, purchase, sale and do any kind of important movements, and this will benefit you in the future.  

Work At the workplace you'll probably see your professional labor a little affected by squabbles with close people, without reaching any negative end and you should always try to avoid negative conversations with colleagues to have a better working environment.  

Love In the loving field you'll face critical steps for your future, at first these movements not seem to be so favorable but at the end of the week, these will be far better than what you have estimated. Love can complete your lives but only in the indicated time, do not rush this stage, give it time.  

Health The energy of the Taureans will be affected these days, it will be a lot of movement because the Sun will be leaving your sign. During this period, you will begin new physical activities. You'll need to be careful about the food you eat and also drink enough liquid to maintain a better quality of life.


This week the position of the Moon week will not be the best for Gemini, note that being a not very favorable week for you it would be better not to make too important movements relative to your life and let situations flow freely.  

Work A lot of work activity, new projects that reach your life these days, it is not appropriate to take decisions on anything yet, it is better to wait that these days pass and after that decide. Consider to analyze situations without making movements for the moment.  

Love Days not very favorable in love for Gemini, it is better not to be too communicative to avoid misinterpretations. Consider to keep silent and not to feel attacked all the time. Being defensive all the time is not a good option to Gemini.  

Health Hormonal problems may appear during this week by an overdose of stress, it is always advisable to visit the doctor to ask for the symptoms when they appear, in order to obtain proper treatment.


The first three days of the week with the Moon in Pisces, the Cancerians will feel a special energy to do recreational activities and unimportant movements. These would be days of relaxation more than anything else, the rest of the week the mini vacation will be over and that amount of energy will begin to be overturned in much more serious activities are completed.  

Work The mini vacation also mix work and relax these days without too much burden on it. You can enjoy without having too much to work, but remember that only the first three days, the rest of the week you will have to make important decisions in the labor field.  

Love Great days for love, whether to build a stable relationship or to end unhealthy relationships that lead to nowhere. Great days with family and friends, and to go on special walks.  

Health this week will be especially for relax for Cancerians mind, you will be very communicative, almost not tired and wanting more. But be careful because excess waste of energy can bring consequences the next days of the week with many joint and muscle pains.



Mixed week for Leos, the most favorable days will be June first and second with the Moon in Aries. The rest of the week the Moon aspectacion will not be entirely positive or entirely negative, during these days the best is to stay as far as possible with very little movement.

Work The work will bring you new projects which you will have to make a complete evaluation. This study will be favorable because it will report better revenues and the possibility of a new stage in your area.  

Love These days the love will arrive for Leos who are alone, appears a couple that will give you a sense of comfort and tranquility. In addition there will be someone who will fill you with cuddles and approbation which Leos love.  

Health Your health will be a little threatened by some skin problems, the skin can be affected by allergies by contact or allergies due consumption of a specific product. You must be vigilant about this particular state to prevent future ailments.



During June 3rd and 4th the waning Moon will be in Taurus, and this is favorable for Virgo to make long-term decisions, however the rest of the week, it will be time, more than anything else, to think about how to manage better decision making process. This week will be relatively favorable and with little movement for Virginians.  

Work These days the intelligence reign in Virgo, you will seek for the right track at the professional level, you will have more than one option and you should think carefully before deciding what to do because this positive astrological layout will not be present again for relative long time.  

Love Your partner may make some kind of complaint for lack of attention, it is necessary to have more dialogues and overcome squabbles that do not make much sense, when you are together. Probable arrival of a new member in the family.  

Health These days Virgo people are prone to changes in blood pressure and to suffer severe headaches. You need to seek tranquility, a nutritional balance and some daily exercise to reduce these symptoms.


The Moon will be starting the week in Pisces, this will be a good aspectacion for Librans, however it will not be the best days but this waning moon will help them to continue with projects that could be left behind by different circumstances of life. Favorable days for home projects, purchases, sales, all in small doses.  

Work In the work field it will appear an interesting offer for Librans that they should not overlook because it has a combo of positive things, from economic to professional aspects. A positive new phase of your life could begin in this period.  
Love In the loving land there will be some small quarrels with the couple and part of the family, this will affect the mood of Librans and leave them with humor somewhat sensitive. Avoid too extensive dialogue and avoid meaningless anger.

Health Health will be a little broken for Librans, who will have to suffer allergic rhinitis or perhaps some cold that will leave them somewhat uncomfortable physical body and somewhat sore. They must be caution with sudden changes in temperature.


Scorpios will be rejoicing the first three days of this week due the Moon will be in the sign of Pisces. The rest of the week will be a little more tiring than usual but with the recharge of energy that the Moon in Pisces will leave, they will have enough to manage these days.  

Work Quite burdensome activities in the labor field but as a result of it you will have an unexpected financial compensation, because of that you will want to continue doing more activities within the work.

 Love In the loving field Scorpios will be a little bleak the days after the first three days of the week, this will not be a real perception because always they will be in a good company this week but the emotions they feel will be unavoidable.  

Health Very profitable days for everything that has to do with sports; outdoor or indoor sites, hiking, or any kind of physical activity. They will really need to do so to release endorphins and thus feel better.


In this period Sagittarians will have some difficult days at the start of the week because of the position of the Moon, and when the Moon will be in Aries everything will be seen from another perspective and will not look so unfavorable. Given the good mood of Sagittarians that have the ability of accommodate to the circumstances, it is likely that their worst days will go through almost unnoticed.  

Work In the workplace Saturn, that visit Sagittarians not so often, will provide them with the energy to be very productive. You must be alert and seize the offers opportunities as soon as they arise, these options will bring you an interesting profitability. They begin to solve some economic problems. There will be possibilities of major purchases.  

Love Love will not give you any respite, you will feel very much in love and with great affection for the beloved; who, however, can leave some feeling of distress in Sagittarians. Find peace within the couple which is essential to stay well.  

Health Health will be affected in the respiratory system, some complications that do not necessarily have to be serious but very annoying and without doubts it will be extremely necessary to visit the doctor.


The best days of this week for Capricorns will be on June third and fourth due to the Moon, since it will be visiting the sign of Taurus and this will be a positive influence over you. Moreover, you must be alert about certain proposals that could arise during the rest of the week but it is not advisable to take any decision.  

Work This week you will face a lot of work that will seem impossible to resolve, there will be many orders, changes, fixes and other stuff that you will have to do these days. Unfortunately, there will not be improvements in your salary for this overload of work, but you will have the satisfaction of having good results.  

Love Days of good company to Capricorn, you will have on your side the person you want, in one way or another; this will give you extra energy to do more things and to fight for those you want harder.  

Health Dental discomfort will be presented during these days, you should visit your dentist and do not let this affect your mood. This can lead to attack people without reason.


The Moon will begin the week being in the sign of Pisces and will be found there the first three days of the week, so Aquarians could resolve certain situations that afflict them and are not too important. Good Lunation the rest of the week for most committed determinations.  

Work There will be improvements in the work and decisions to make but it is not convenient to do so after the half of the week. Economic changes will be accompanied by changes within the company or with your partners if you have them.  

Love This week will be very active at all levels, at the personal level or about the third parties. It will be convenient to go out with your partner and friends and try to socialize with more people. During these days it will happen an unexpected encounter with someone from the past, this will give you a touch of special joy.  

Health Some digestive problems could be caused because of stress and also because of an inappropriate diet. It would be nice to have a progressive and constant change of diet for a while to improve your quality of life.


The moon will be starting this week in Pisces so in this period there will be an excellent aspectacion for Pisceans, there will be days of special energy and very good communication. It is favorable to project things and make decisions but always analyzing carefully all the aspects that matter.  

Work Very interesting movements in the labor field like a better position, wages rise, move to a better workplace. At work the week will be very active and quite stable for Pisceans.  

Love These days you will need much love from your partner, family and friends. It will be days with too much energies but also days with high susceptibility because of that you will need the unconditional support of the people who most love you. Very pleasant moments to live these days.

Health The health of Pisceans will be a little affected because of emotional factors, it will arise a particular sadness, it will change by some positive situations that will return you to your natural state of joy and good energy.  

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Saturday, October 10, 2015,2:12 PM

The Emperor represents leadership and self determination. The Emperor shows us how to develop these qualities in life.
The Emperor teaches us how to evolve through our personal power. He asks us neither to trust anyone easily and quickly nor to follow our instincts and impulses. We must not allow, under any circumstances, anyone to dominate or manipulate us.
The main ideas are that we need to work and to trust on ourselves, and to be independence, so we will feel happiness when we learn to appreciate and defend our opinions.
When the Emperor appears at the beginning of the spree, it is generally positive, because he is talking about someone who has been doing the right things, who remains in his place, who is confident and not afraid of acting and that person is living life in the best possible way.