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Friday, September 12, 2014,3:58 PM
The High Priestess
The High Priestess
Los Arcanos Tarot Deck
This arcane is associated with intelligence and occult mysteries. It is represented by Isis, maximum exponent of extra sensorial perception and intuitive powers such as clairvoyance, telepathy, creative visualization, empathy, intuitive knowledge and the healing powers. These abilities come as result from harmony with true principles of cosmic laws to which they are subjected and to whom they are served and practiced. Energy that radiates enlightenment, therefore understands but does not realize. For men, she represents the perfect and dreamed woman. Perception, and the ability to hear her inner voice make her to be a being of light. As the camel that can travel long distances through the desert without drinking water, people who have discovered their inner well, project their self confidence and satisfaction. #tarot #HighPriestess

Wednesday, October 5, 2011,7:18 AM
Tarot Yes or No

This is a throw that answers to a concrete and precise question. The TAROT for YES or NO answers can easily remove your doubts.

This throw allows cards to positevely or negatively answer a very concrete question

Think about a question answerable by YES or NO and choose one TAROT card.

TAROT can help you in making an important decision.

Readings of The TAROT YES OR NOT are completely free

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Monday, September 5, 2011,10:41 AM


In relation to the Tarot, the Cabala is represented by twenty-two major Arcana or Trump cards with the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which are the core of an enormously influential mystical system. Cabalists view the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet as the ‘language of God’. Each has a mystical meaning and a magical power of transformation. The letters are organized through a complex symbol call the ‘Tree of Life’. The Tree of Life is composed of ten fundamental situations or ‘powers’ called ‘sefiroth’ or ‘seraphim’.

The Cabalistic Tree of Life is a living reality in constant movement, embracing the secrets of man in relation to the world around him and the Universe from which ALL originates. The Tree of Life reflects all the possibilities of man - the various choices he can and must make in his soul’s journey.

Kabbalah is a group of mystical concepts that precede any religion and it has been considered as a revelation from God to humanity. According to these Kabbalistic teachings, the universe works according to certain powerful principles.

Readings of The TAROT CABALA are completely free

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010,5:44 PM
Tarot "Past, Present and Future
Tarot "Past, Present and Future

This is a new Tarot spreading developed in Tarot-Live. It is a simple three letters spreading: Past - Present – Future. We select an Arcane for each of them. It may take a straight or inverted position.

The analysis of any subject where time plays an important role can be carried out through this reading.

Examples: What will be the outcome of a lawsuit? How will my business progress this semester?, Will I graduate next year?

Card N ° 1: It is explained according to the context of your question. In this case you should read it in past.
Card N ° 2: It refers to the present, and associates it with the previous card since the present is a result of past actions.
Card N ° 3: It is the card that represents future and it shows the final direction.

As every Oracle, it may be used in different situations, for example, to encourage us to deal with a problem, or to try to elucidate the best way to act in a given situation.

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Readings of The Tarot "Past, Present and Future Spread are completely free.



Thursday, May 27, 2010,10:56 AM
Crossroads Tarot Spread

Crossroads Tarot Spread

Do you have to make a very important decision and you do not know the path to follow? . Make this simple six cards tarot spread and you will get three answers: the events that will take place in case you choose the two choices in front of you, and a third one, the one that Tarot offers you as true.

The Crossroads spread is generally used when the consultation is about an issue with two different ways to select when we are really doubtful about the consequences of our decisions.

In cases of uncertainty about the two paths to choose, we can use this tarot spread. We can clearly and briefly discover the roads that will come along after making and putting our decisions into practice.

As any Oracle, it may be used in different situations, to inspire us when facing a problem, to help us determine the best way to act in a given situation.

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Readings of The Crossroads Tarot Spread are completely free


Thursday, March 25, 2010,3:53 PM
Celtic Cross Tarot introductory video.
Wednesday, February 17, 2010,3:18 PM
Celtic Cross Tarot

The Celtic Cross Tarot readings

As we approach the Celtic culture, it takes us to a mystic world, where there are extraordinary landscapes, unbelievable heroes, fairies and goblins that make up this magic people that still live in the hills of Ireland.

Spirits of the air, wind, woods and flowers, fairies and elves that open the magic world of dreams for men. These charming creatures are part of the imagination since the night that dates back to days of the Celts.

This game of cards show a way, which is the game of life and each card includes a secret that will be uncovered for the consultant at the right moment, when the cosmos decides to respond; in this game, cards may be guessed

As every Oracle, it may be used in different situations, to inspire us in view of certain problem, to try to figure out which is the best way to follow in view of certain situation, as a guide or comfort.

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Readings of The Celtic Cross Tarot are completely free

Tarot Celtic